060: You Probably Need This Website Checkup. Hit Play.

With Taylor de la Fuente

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but have you considered that your website may also need a check up?

There’s a lot of marketing advice out there, but if you don’t have a killer website, none of that matters. Your website is the last stop a client makes before they reach out, and if it sucks, you’re dead in the water.

Words are a supper effective way to bring people into your funnel and up your conversion rate. Copy that converts sends the message that you have the solution to your customer’s problem but can also send the message that you actually see them.

Taylor de la Fuente is an award-winning writer, champion for inclusive language and the owner of Lemon Tree Editorial and she is here to tell us how it is. As a website copywriter serving the wedding industry, Taylor writes authentic and inclusive web copy for wedding pros who want to sell their services while they sleep. Before starting Lemon Tree Editorial, she worked in journalism, SEO and marketing.

Taylor has a message that any business owner needs to hear… like… right now! So pull up a chair or snuggle in on the couch and check out this not to be missed episode of The Workshop Weekly Podcast.

In this episode, Taylor talks about:

  • Her experience that lead her on the path of being the copywriter and website expert that she is today. 2:34
  • The difference between regular content, copywriting, and conversion copywriting and why that matters. 3:57
  • Converting online – using your words to help people take action. 5:41
  • Sales funnels and where your website fits and how it will help build your business using this model. 8:59
  • How to structure a great website homepage so that you are clearly inviting people to stay, look around, and buy. 12:31
  • The importance of considering the “fold” and what to put there. 15:38
  • Do’s and don’ts for different pages of your website. 24:44
  • Top mistakes people make on their about page and how you can avoid them. 30:59
  • Being clear on your values on your website and how to be inclusive in your content and offer. 33:01
  • Inclusive VS exclusive language and how it can effect your business. 41:39

My recommendation and my one piece of advice is treat your website like the number one sales and marketing tool that it is invest some time some money into it, and it will sell your services or your products for you.

Taylor de la Fuente

Being inclusive in your website copy tells people that you see them and that you welcome and appreciate their business.

I love Taylors example of looking at your website like it is your home – warm and inviting. And like you home, your website should say something about YOU. People buy from people, not companies so being sure to personalize your website and include your story will build a relationship that will have your customers coming back and even sharing your business with the people they care about.

I know that it is uncomfortable to talk about yourself sometimes but, as Taylor says, your About page is one of the most important spaces on your website so show it some love and be sure to include a professional looking photo so everyone can attach your face to your business.

This was a great conversation and I hope you walk away from this episode motivated to give your own website a check up!

Connect with Taylor

Website: www.lteditorial.com

Instagram: @lteditorial

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