064: The #1 Secret to Relationship-Driven Sales.

With D. Nadia Brown

Sometimes, sales can just feel icky. Like, have you ever started a conversation with someone and things were going great and then BAM comes the sales pitch. The rest of the conversation can feel awkward and forced. 

Not only does it suck to be on the receiving end of an unwanted sales pitch but it can also be uncomfortable when it comes time for you to make a pitch… gatta pay those bills right?

Today’s guest here is to take the pressure out of sales and build a sales process that converts consistently without feeling salesy. Dr. Nadia Brown is a sales strategist, consultant, trainer, and founder of The Doyenne Agency. She works with business owners, companies, and corporations sales teams using the Consistent Sales Method™ and is the author of the book Selling Like a Lady: Courage Diary book.

She brings over fifteen years of leadership experience helping people achieve their goals while respecting people and our relationships with them. Dr. Nadia’s clients have seen real results and I am so excited to dig into this conversation with her. Because guess what, You can be in business and make money in a way that respects people and your relationships with them. What Dr Nadia has to say might surprise you and in the very least, it will leave you feeling a lot less icky about selling.

Are you ready?

In this episode, Dr. Nadia talks about:

  • How a love/hate relationship with sales inspired her to find a new way to sell and build her business. 2:30
  • How we can sell without feeling “icky” about it. 4:59
  • How to build a sales process that converts consistently. 9:02
  • What it looks like to nurture somebody who may become your customer in the future and build a pipeline. 11:09
  • Getting started and scoring your leads. 12:56
  • Qualifying leads, why quality is better than quantity. 14:52
  • Dealing with objections and why you don’t need to overcome them. 20:59
  • How to help someone believe your product is worth it and see the value that you offer. 24:03
  • The number one secret to relationship driven sales. 27:15
  • Overcoming your fear of “selling”. 31:05
  • Prioritizing activities that promote you offer. 32:48
  • Dr. Nadia Brown’s book: Selling like a Lady and her fabulous free resource. 34:25

Commit to taking imperfect action, it won’t be perfect, just do it. Just take the action.

Dr. Nadia Brown

I feel significantly less icky about sales after this conversation with Dr. Nadia. It really is about building and nurturing a genuine relationship with your customer. It is totally okay that your product or service isn’t for everyone so count those unsubscribes as a blessing that you can now focus your valuable attention on those who get the most value from your offer. Investing in a relationship is never a waste of time.

Most people don’t get married on the first date and I hope this chat with Dr. Nadine helps you feel more confident on your “first date” with a potential customer. Maybe that person will like you so much that they are willing to go on another date, and another, and another… you get the point. 

Until next time, Workshop Warrior!

Connect with Dr. Nadia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDrNadia/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drnadia/

Website: https://thedoyenneagency.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DoyenneLeadership1

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