Should You Use Your Smartphone for Product Photography?

Over 93% of people are compelled to buy when there is a great photo attached to a product. This statistic is enough to scare many people into going out and spending a bunch of money on a DSLR camera, convinced that they need a fancy device to take fancy photos.

Of course, DSLR cameras are THE BOMB, but what happens when you get thats camera in your hand and you see a million buttons? You snap a couple photos and cannot figure out why they are so dark. Push a couple buttons and now they are so bright, you can’t make out the product! It can be overwhelming if you just want to get a picture up on Insta in time for a promo.

Here is the deal… are you listening? You can take fantastic product photos with your SMARTPHONE!

In This Video, I Discuss:

  • The NUMBER ONE reason WHY product photos are absolutely CRUCIAL to business owners and influencers (1:15)
  • THE MOST important question you need to ask yourself about your product photos (1:35)
  • The incorrect information that most people in the industry are doling out (1:53)
  • FIVE KEY things you absolutely need to know when taking product photos (4:20)
  • TIPS for taking a great looking product photos with your smartphone (9:19)
  • The TWO KEY things that frustrate most people with smartphone photos and how to fix them (12:16)

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Smartphones get a bad rap in the photography world but, as we learned, the device doesn’t matter much when you know how to manage light. The most expensive camera in the world isn’t going pump out impressive pictures if the user doesn’t understand the basics.

Refresher: Five Key Things You Absolutely NEED to Know When Taking Product Photos with Your Smartphone

  1. You need to understand light
  2. You need to understand how to interpret light
  3. You need to know how to spot good lighting
  4. You need to understand and control (if possible) how light enters your device
  5. You need to know to compose a decent photo

Give yourself permission to use your smartphone and not feel guilty.

The skills you learn about light and composition while using your smartphone will transfer when you use your camera. If using your smartphone is what you need to do to reduce the barrier of ACTUALLY taking the photo, all the power to you! Build up that confidence!

TIPs for Taking a Great Looking Product Photos with Your Smartphone

  • Clean your lens!
  • Steady your device – any movement can cause fuzziness in the picture.
  • Set your cameras timer instead of pushing the button – pushing the button can move the camera.
  • Find the best light.
  • Make sure to only use one light source – this is much easier to work with and help deal with the issue of colour casting.

Stop being frustrated with your exposure and colour casting, what can’t be fixed with light can be fixed with edits! Be sure to download your free guide TODAY for all the deets!