049: How to Get Ready to Kiss Your 9-to-5 Goodbye!

With Kelly Lawson

Does the end of the weekend make you want to cry, and not just because you might actually have to put on real pants again? If the idea of returning to your corporate gig after a little time away feels soul crushing, know this: you are not alone. Too many people are dragging their butts to jobs that pay the bills but require waaay too big of a payoff when it comes to personal satisfaction and happiness. 

So, what if I told you that leaving the 9-to-5–or, let’s be honest, 9-to-9, for many of you–behind is totally do-able? 

Cause it is. I should know. I’ve done it a few times now. 

And trust me, I remember how scary it was to even entertain the thought of leaving. 

But you know what? I also have the inside scoop on how life-changing and straight-up rewarding it can be to go your own way too. So, in honour of this fancy new year we’re already A MONTH into, and of the new beginnings we thought it might bring, this week’s episode of the Workshop Weekly Podcast is going to be both really personal AND very practical. Along with sharing my story, and some insights I’ve picked up along the way talking to dozens of other people who told their boss to take their job and shove it (in a nice way), I’m going to give you a to-do list of concrete actions you can start taking today to get into the mindset of making a big move.

My hope is that I can save you some time and pain in taking a big leap and making your move from corporate drone to independent operator. So if you’ve been longing for something else, today’s show is for you.

In this Episode, I talk about:

  • My journey from occupational therapist to photographer, finding fulfillment in a creative outlet. 5:30
  • The belief that you are capable of making a change. 11:40
  • Getting up close and personal with failure so you can get up close and personal with success. 13:57
  • How hiring a great accountant will make your life SO much easier. 15:51
  • Avoiding debt at all costs. 17:25
  • Branding yourself and your business, setting yourself up for success. 20:16
  • Taking advantage of advertising opportunities and measuring your results. 22:29
  • Taking the time to fill your calendar with fulling work that will quickly replace your old income. 25:50

Being an entrepreneur isn’t some crazy unattainable dream. Really, when you peel down all the layers and fluff, it’s a simple process. It’s all about defining problems and coming up with the best possible solution and then testing the solution and measuring the results. If the results are unfavourable, you go in and try again. That’s it.

Kelly Lawson

OK, so there you have it, the things you need to do to get ready to shift from day job to being your own boss, from the mindset you need to make the change, to those five practical actions you can start taking this very day to get started with confidence and clarity.  

And hey, I know it’s scary as heck, but please know that if you do happen to fail, you will be okay. For me, I had to just make the leap and know that even if “failure” occurred, I could still make it work. Like I said earlier in the show, failure is baked right into being an entrepreneur. It’s the way we know we’re challenging ourselves and learning. So embrace the f-word. I have! 

And maybe you’re thinking, sure, Kelly, easy for you to say, things worked out for you and your dream came true. Well, my friend, to that I say: I am not an extraordinary case! I had zero connections, I was new to the city I lived in when I quit my day job and was burning the candles at both ends working the corporate job by day and building an empire by night. If I can do it, you can too! 

I’d love to hear about where you’re at in your journey, and what’s keeping you from making the leap. You deserve to chase your dreams, invest in your business, set yourself up for success. Let me know how it feels when you can finally say, “I am a boss!”

Thanks for joining me on today’s show. I will see you at the same time, same place next week!

Resources Mentioned in the Episode

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