008: Here’s How to Build Your Content Empire.

Guest Erin Trafford: Digital Content Strategist

If making passive income from your content is a revenue stream you’d like to add for yourself and your business, listen up. Today, I’m talking with award-winning broadcaster and digital content specialist, Erin Trafford. Erin is a wife, mom, and animal lover, who also happens to run a six-figure online business while working from home only three days a week. Erin started her journey as a broadcast journalist hosting a morning show where she was basically given the keys to the place. It was there that she learned if you want to be successful, it’s all about how your content resonates with people. After 16 years on air working in both radio and TV, she realized that she didn’t want to be part of the machine anymore and started her first business, DIY Passion. That business has since almost come to run itself and she now also run serintrafford.com where she helps business owners build their content empires.

Today’s episode is jam-packed with amazing info and insights.

Here is a sneak peek of what Erin and I cover:

  • What running a content company looks like
  • Having a blend of passive and active income
  • Roadblocks Erin dealt with in the early stages of her business
  • Dealing with negative comments and negative self-thoughts
  • Erin’s best tips and tidbits for listeners
  • Getting over the two most common fears related to content creation
  • Getting into affiliate marketing
  • Advice for getting eyeballs on your content
  • The power of Pinterest
  • One thing you can do right now to start building your content empire

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