009: What You Need to Know to Master Photography with Your Smartphone.

Guest Mark Hemmings, Author of iPhone Photography for Dummies, 2020

Free Smartphone Photography Training

Have you ever stumbled across someone’s work and just felt awestruck by it? For me, this is what happened when I found the work of Mark Hemmings about thirteen years ago. He is a magician with photography, with a timeless, real, and raw approach. Recently, he has found a niche by specializing in iPhone photography.

Mark was hired to go to Japan for student recruitment in 1997. Beforehand, he asked his grandfather if he could borrow his Nikon camera. From there, he learned a style of photography in Tokyo that was high key, and from there, he was able to craft his own signature style. Mark now does a lot of photography teaching on Instagram, where he attaches a lesson with most of the photos he posts. We get to hear a lot of tips from Mark today about taking great photos with your smartphone and how to edit them as well.

  • Mark’s beginnings as a photographer.
  • Teaching people photography through travel photos on Instagram.
  • Advice for people who want to take better photos with their phone.
  • Using older devices to take photos and fine-tuning composition skills.
  • Taking a one-photo-a-day challenge.
  • How to get started with photo editing.
  • A tip that Mark has recently learned in Japan and Mexico.
  • Struggling with the issue of blurry photos.
  • Looking at other peoples’ work for inspiration.
  • Two steps you can take today to improve your photography skills.

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DJI Osmo:

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Photoshop Express


Adobe Photoshop Fix


Adobe Photoshop Mix




How to Hold your Smartphone

Rule of Thirds

Photo by Mark Hemmings
Photo by Mark Hemmings

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