010: This Perspective Will Change Your Trajectory. Hit Play.

I’ve been scared a lot in my business. Scared of not making enough money. Scared of the competition. Scared of using up my good ideas. Scared of running out of energy. Scared of embarrassing myself. 

What do these fears have in common? They all come from a scarcity mindset. And, frankly, it’s one of the biggest things that will hold you back in business, and in life.  So in this episode of the Workshop Weekly Podcast, I’m going to share some super powerful mindset shifts you can start making today to get a rock-solid foundation for going after all your big shiny goals. I’ll show you how to flip limited thinking into an abundance mindset that has no limits, and once you’ve mastered it, it will completely set you free! Does that sound good to you? I thought it might. Let’s do this!

This is The Insider’s Guide to an Abundance Mindset. An abundance mindset lets you:

  • Live an unlimited, full, and satisfying life
  • Exude happiness despite circumstance
  • Give and receive affection and items of high value with ease
  • Feel plentiful, creative, and inspired
  • Take full advantage of and enjoy new opportunities that come your way
  • Create memorable and meaningful life experiences
  • and
  • Feel secure and confident in your life endeavors and create successful outcomes

Ok, so here are my top tips for cultivating an abundance mindset

  1. The first thing you need to do is to start by becoming fully aware of your thoughts. 
  2. The next step is to practice gratitude. 
  3. Step three is to recognize the unlimited possibilities you have in your life. 
  4. Then, cultivate and share your passions and purpose. 
  5. Step five is to create Mastery Experiences for yourself. 
  6. Next up, step number 6 is simply watch what you say, 
  7. Step seven, my favorite, is Think Like a Beginner, 
  8. Step number eight is for those days you might be feeling a little down in the dumps: Focus on What Is Going Right, 
  9. And, ta-dah, step 9 is all about Creating Abundance Affirmations.


I totally get that this might feel overwhelming and kind of unnatural at first. But I promise, these steps really work. These little daily actions can really add up to a big shift. You can make the decision to start living a life of healthy abundance today by just taking one small step, and tomorrow another, and the next day another and so on. You’ll be abundance-snowballing in no time.

As you begin to expand your awareness you’ll get better and better at noticing those sneaky little scarcity mentality devils trying to bring you down. The best defense against them is to just keep using these action steps every day. Catch yourself. Stop yourself. Correct Yourself. Rinse and repeat. Before you know it, you’ll find an abundance mindset edging out the little devils. 

OK,  so now you’ve got everything you need to get into that abundance mindset that is necessary for success and happiness. Along with understanding the power of mindset, you’ve got  9 simple ways you can start immediately to cultivate more motivation, gratitude, and self-confidence in your life. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself naturally thinking in their powerful patterns!  And remember – you possess something special, the world needs your magic. Don’t hold it back. There is enough success for you AND all those lovely humans you are comparing yourself to. You’ve totally got this, I believe in you, my workshop warrior!! And I’ll see you back here next week as you keep building the life and business of your dreams.

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