029: Get Your Social Media House in Order.

With Jeff Roach

You dont have to have 10 thousand followers, you dont have to have the perfect grid, you dont have to hire a professional photographer, and you most definitely dont have to wait for perfect, for your social media strategy, you just have to START. You simply need to find a way to invite people into your world and today’s guest is here to help you get started with that – because sometimes just starting can be the hardest part.

Do you ever scroll back to your very first social media post and have a little giggle? I can’t help but laugh when I peek at my earliest days on instagram. It’s chock full of low quality photos of my food or my coffee mug accompanied by two word captions, or no caption at all and my feed just generally had no consistency or flow. In those early days I was using social media solely to entertain myself, and I most certainly didn’t have a strategy.

But everyone starts somewhere, right? And even though I have come to love all things social strategy, I didn’t always have a clear vision for how social media could support, enhance, or even transform my business for the better.

The “starting” phase is easily the hardest part because so often we get hung up on trying to perfect everything and then we just get overwhelmed and do nothing instead. Sound about right? 

Today’s episode of the workshop weekly podcast is all about paring it down, simplifying your approach and removing the barriers to entry so you can reset your social strategy or just start if you’re at ground zero. By the end of this episode, I want you to have the knowledge and tools that you need to step into it, own it, and start honing the voice and the strategy you need to grow and support your business. And I want you to see that it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.

Today we are talking to a very special guest, social media guru and strategist, Jeff Roach, who also happens to be my husband. We are discussing the super simple steps that you need to be taking to start off on the right foot with social, or if you’ve already started, what you can do to give your social strategy a little makeover and get it back on track starting TO-DAY! Ok, let’s do this!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Trust Agents of social media and why you need to embody one.
  • Using social media strategically for your business – stop wasting your precious time!
  • The importance of knowing WHO you are trying to reach on social media, how to discover them, and understand what social networks they use (hint: the answer is NOT “everyone”)
  • The value in researching hashtags and keywords to learn more about your target customer.
  • The true cost of trying to reach EVERYONE (it ain’t cheap…)
  • Why even very small businesses NEED a budget for social media and it is more affordable than you think.
  • Knowing what platforms your customers are on so you can meet them where they are.
  • How to please the algorithm gods.
  • Which platforms are the best bang for your buck.
  • Getting your content in front of people who will care enough to share it (sharing really is caring)
  • Leveraging organic reach on platforms
  • How to understand your metrics and set goals for content performance.
  • The difference between the content you share to get people to care about tour brand is the content you share to get people to buy a product.

“Take an hour to sit down and think about who your customer is and start surfing the web as if you are that customer. What do you look at? What do you click on? What do you not click on? What social networks do you use? And just be that customer for a little while and try to understand their behaviors and you will meet them online when you do that.”

Jeff Roach

See, I told you it doesn’t have to be that complicated! and now my friend, it is your time to start. Walk away from this podcast and take action. Tag me in your beginnings or in your resets so that I can come along with you and cheer you on! And thank you so much for hitting pay on another episode of the workshop weekly podcast. Be sure to check out the resources we mentioned in this episode by visiting the show notes at kellylawson.ca/029 and until next time, please don’t hide your awesomeness from the world. I’ll be watching for you.

Bye for now.


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