030: Discover Who You Really Are With This Personality Test

With Krista McNally.

It is the single most interesting and insightful personality test in my humble opinion. What is it? It’s the enneagram. In the most basic terms, the enneagram assessment fits you into one of nine types. Each of these nine types has a unique set of personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and you guys, it is freakishly accurate. The first time I took the test, my mind was so blown that I started passing the test around to all of my friends and family members, and learning their enneagram types has been an incredibly insightful way to understand their perspective on the world. It’s been over a year now and having this emotional intelligence about the people around me has stuck with me. It’s given me insights into not only myself, and how I am wired, but it’s also given me insight into my relationships with family and friends, my marriage, and also my professional relationships. And while the findings of the enneagram have stuck with me, I’ve also grown a slight obsession with it. I need to tell you that for this reason, it is unlike any of the other personality tests that I have come across.

In this episode a very special guest and enneagram guru, Krista McNally is going to unearth for us the magic of the enneagram, what characterizes each enneagram type, how to discover your type, and how to leverage this knowledge in your business and in your relationships. I’ve linked the enneagram assessment I used in the shownotes, so if you dont already know your enneagram type, head over to kellylawson.ca/030 or kellylawson.ca/enneagram to find out what it is, otherwise sit back and enjoy and you can go find out what your type is after this episode.

You are about 45 minutes away from understanding on a deeper level why you are the person you are, and how this knowledge can transform your life. I am so excited about today’s episode, so without further ado, let’s dive on in.

Here’s the test link → https://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/test

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How this personality tool will change your life (seriously).
  • The difference between enneagram and other personality tests.
  • What your energy has to do with your personality, habits, and patterns.
  • Harnessing your enneagram energy to build better relationships.
  • Practical uses of your enneagram results and how it can help your business improve client relations.
  • Wings and lines, oh my! Dig into some jargon and learn about all 9 enneagram types.
  • The history and origin of this personality test and the reason your number is solidified by 7 years old.


Here are some great reflection questions, but there are many resources so be sure to look around!

Type Compatibility: 


Choosing between two types: 


Free test (to use as a STARTING POINT, not the be all, end all):


The one thing I want to suggest to people is to play around and start observing the three centers of intelligence: body, head and heart energy.

Krista McNally

I could seriously chat with Krista all day. She is just the kindest, loveliest type two I’ve ever known. Actually, now that I think about it, every type two I know is an incredibly selfless and caring individual that I want to spend all day long with.

Ok, so if you haven’t discovered your unique enneagram type by now, don’t wait another second. And don’t stop there, pass it around to your friends and colleagues and have a conversation about your type and how it helps you to understand each other. I’ve posted some reflection questions you can use to help your discussions and I am just so excited to hear all about how this exercise went for you. And I wanna know your type! Hop over to Instagram and tell me at @kellyslawson, and until next week workshop warriors, keep slaying those beautiful goals of yours. Or wait, is that just a type three thing? Haha. Ok, you get it. By for now.

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