058: How to Stand Out in the Inbox.

With Erika Holmes.

Raise your hand if you have more emails than you can shake a stick at. You may not be able to see me but I am raising my hand as high as I can.

That said, Email is still one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. When Facebook changes their algorithms for the hundredth time or when Instagram changes their priority to video content, we can always fall back on the good old faithful email as a reliable way to show up for our customers. 

So how can you entice your customers to click open on your email when you have so much noise to compete with?

Today’s guest, Erika Holmes, is a copywriting expert who helps entrepreneurs find the sweet spot between clarity and personality in their marketing message. Through her work with big and small brands alike, she’s seen firsthand that putting personality in your copy is the fastest, best way to attract dream clients. In addition to online entrepreneurs and personal brands, Erika’s list of clients includes eBay, StubHub and Levi’s and many more. She’s on a mission to show her kids and other aspiring entrepreneurs that they can make a damn good living doing what they love — even with an English degree.

Erika shares her top tips and tricks for adding a little personality to your email content that your customers can’t wait to click on!

In this episode, Erika talks about:

  • How emailing became her area of expertise and how it all started with a purple notebook with yellow moons and stars. 3:06
  • Welcome sequence, nurture sequences, welcome series… oh my! Erika breaks down this necessary part of successful email campaigns. 6:33
  • Harnessing the power of the magic subject line and embracing the bestie vibe. 8:10
  • What you can expect as a benchmark for your open rate and building creditability with your presence in the inbox. 11:32
  • How unsubscribes can be a good thing! 14:20
  • How consistency sets the expectations for your audience. 15:17
  • How being clear on your goals will help you develop copy to reach them. 16:38
  • Erika’s email rules to live by. 17:45
  • The effectiveness of a good P.S. (or TLDR). 18:45
  • Never missing an opportunity to personalize you email content. 22:03
  • Know, like and trust factors and the right proportion of email types to build this relationship. 24:38
  • The ideal number of emails and how to generate great content to populate them. 26:09
  • The golden metric you should be watching. 29:47

The one thing I think you can do to uplevel your email marketing is make it a date, put it in your calendar. Like, when you stop listening to this, look at your calendar and figure out what’s going to be your dedicated writing time, think about your magic hours…a lot of times I don’t always know what the takeaway from my email is gonna be, it kind of reveals itself through my writing. So that would be my put on your calendar, make it a date.

Erika Holmes

I took so many notes during this episode and am just itching to put them into practice in my own business emails. Bestie vibe subject lines… that’s genius! 

Erika is a wealth of knowledge and I am so grateful that she shared a ton of tangible advice that you can easily start implementing in your own business right away. She also made me feel a little better about the occasional unsubscribe.

Being consistent is key in your email marketing and will help to keep you top of mind as you navigate all the noise that is the email inbox. Building a relationship with your audience will help them know, like, and trust you making them much more likely to click that catchy subject line.

And P.S. (see what I did there?) I know I say it all the time but I am so grateful that you lend me your valuable attention week after week. 

So, check out the show notes at kellylawson.ca/058 to see how you can connect with Erika and additional resources. Until next time, Workshop Warriors!

Connect with Erika

Website: www.erikaholmes.com

Insta: www.instagram.com/erikavholmes/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/erikavidalholmes

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