059: New Age Networking: How to Mingle Online. – Sara Alepin

With Sara Alepin.

A room packed full of strangers invokes different feelings in the context of a pandemic. Networking in 2021 looks a little different now, doesn’t it? 

The idea of networking was triggering for some people even before COVID – bad experiences getting trapped in a conversation with someone you know isn’t your target audience, social anxiety, and even general awkwardness ring a bell? 

The constant pitching can really dampen the mood yet we are constantly being advised to pitch at every opportunity… and it is exhausting! Whatever happened to a “happy” happy hour?

Today’s guest is here to tell us that there is a better way. Sara Alepin is a master connector.

She’s so good at it, she turned it into a business when founding the District Bliss Community. District Bliss is a community of creatives and business owners who want to expand their networks quickly, build their businesses with ease, and just find their people! They host socials that take the “work” out of networking and workshops taught by leading experts to get you on the road to success without the stress!

Are you ready to talk networking? Let’s do it.

In this episode, Sara talks about:

  • How Sara’s own experience with networking inspired her to break the current networking experience and rebuild it to be to be collaborative instead of competitive. 2:18
  • Her theory on what networking will look like in 2021 and beyond and advice for making the most of the experience. 3:51
  • How to have a positive networking experience online that feels like a casual happy hour. 5:51
  • Things we can do to get out of our own heads and be truly present at networking events. 11:56
  • How to navigate online events when you are craving the physical connection with somebody. 15:06
  • Places to go to find online networking events to attend. 19:11
  • Red flags to look out for when deciding on a networking event to attend virtually. 21:59
  • What you can expect at an online networking events. 27:12
  • Where you can find Sara’s specific networking events. 32:22

 So homework item one would be to grab that (free resource) so that you can be successful in your online and in person networking events. This is geared toward online but applicable to in person events. And then what I want you to do is I actually want you to reach out to Kelly and tell her what one of your favorite topics that she has covered is on this podcasts. And then also I would like you to tell her if you have someone that you would recommend that she interview. So I want you to reach out to her on Instagram and tell her that information. One, it is so lovely as someone who hosts something like a podcast and who gives so generously like you do Kelly, to actually know that people cared about something that that has so much value. So if you do that, if you show up in Kelly’s DMS, you are going to stand out immediately as an amazing connection to her.

Sara Alepin

Repeat after me…You don’t need to be an extrovert to be an excellent networker. When you start treating every opportunity as a networking one and learn to listen and ask questions more than you pitch, you can really start to enjoy these opportunities and make valuable connections.

Being prepared is key and Sara gave us some great pointers that will ensure that you have a great networking experience. Leveraging your connections is key to succeeding in your business… and you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

Sara is changing the face of networking and I really like where it is going. She loves to find ways to make building a business easier — and more fun! Connecting people and curating a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who support one another… sound familiar?

She shared some fantastic tips with us and some resources including her own podcast, be sure to check them out in the show notes at KellyLawson.ca/059.

And thank you again so much for lending your earbuds to this episode. You’re the reason I do this. Bye for now.

Connect with Sara

Website: districtbliss.com

Instagram: @districtblissevents

Podcasts: The Wedding Dish Podcast and Laughing With Gingers

Mentioned in the Podcast

Places to find networking events: Eventbrite, Six Degrees Society, LinkedIn Events

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