Hello friend, I'm Kelly and I am so happy you are here! I abandoned my career as an OT to pick up a camera and follow my heart. I love the east coast and am fuelled by coffee, pizza and red wine. I am a wife, a mom and a lover of rescue mutts. I go adventuring in the summer and I hibernate in the winter. I blog about photography, business and all things inspirational.





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1. Remove Lens Distortion The very first thing I do when editing any of my images, not just interiors, is correct the profile distortion from my lens. I usually explain this by saying, the wider the lens is, the more it looks like I am shooting through a Christmas Tree ball (remember those decorative reflective […]

I have spent so much of my career shooting interiors. Beginning with my own home reno, and eventually working with renowned interior designers, architects, residential developers, and real estate agents. I am pleased to say that my interior photography has found its way into multiple publications, such as Dwell Magazine and most recently a residential quarterly […]

When I got my first fancy camera, I just wanted to take a pretty picture. That. Is. It. What exactly “pretty” meant, well, I figured I’d know it when I saw it.  Now, 8 years and thousands of shoots later, my camera’s an extension of my arm, my eye. I sure do know pretty when […]

How to take better photos of your everyday life 1️⃣ Treat every moment as beautiful. 2️⃣ Make it a habit to throw your camera around your shoulder, daily. 3️⃣ From point A to point B, walk 25% slower than you normally would. 4️⃣ Try to recreate the photos you love. 5️⃣ Sign up for my FREE TRAINING: 5 Simple tricks […]

She came in, the light spilling perfectly on her face. I am trying not to be distracted by the giddy ball of energy in my gut that comes from this inspiring place exploding with natural light. Sit. Tell me what’s on your mind. She did. The words came pouring out. “I posted about my business. […]

My friends, I want to do you a solid, and save you a whole lotta time and pain with your fancy camera.   Seven years ago I took the plunge. I told my corporate healthcare employer to take that job and shove it. (Actually, I had a totally polite conversation with my lovely boss, but […]

Hooo, boy, where to begin?  I could write a book, not just a blog post, on what NOT to do when starting out. But if I have to boil it down, these are the five biggies, the low-lying fruit of what to do. 1. Hire an accountant: Nothing kills your creative buzz quicker than money […]

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably never spent a single second googling best practices for shutting down your company. I know I didn’t. Nor did I ever intend to. It is basically the antithesis for business growth. And, the topics that you don’t go searching for are often the most difficult to face, such as, […]

In 2010, I walked away from the career I’d worked towards for 11 years. After 7 years of university, two science degrees and 4 years practicing occupational therapy, I quit.  I left healthcare to follow my heart.  I was going to be a photographer. Or die trying.  I bought a fancy camera on eBay the […]

There are all kinds of triangles. Love triangles. The Bermuda Triangle. Plain old high school geometry. Why do triangles seem so difficult, if not downright dangerous? If you want to master your fancy camera – and I know you do – there’s one more tricky triangle you’ve gotta master. Allow me to introduce the exposure […]