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The Workshop Weekly Podcast is a show where no dream is too big. Around here, we believe that taking imperfect action rules, so we’re creating space for you to dive in and fast track your success, one workshop at a time. Now, refill your coffee cup, grab your notebook and get ready to join in on your weekly training, listen to meaningful conversations and learn from industry experts. 

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With Guest: Tracy Bell When you stop and think about it for a second, as entrepreneurs we are ALWAYS pitching. We are pitching ourselves and our services, our products and offers, we are pitching partnerships, sponsorships, features, endorsement deals, we’re pitching potential employers, new acquaintances, and in some cases we’re even pitching for funding. Heck, […]

With Guest: Angie McPherson So often, starting a business can look like this: you have an idea, you conceptualize the idea, you validate the idea, which by the way means that now you’re taking money and taking names, and you’re excited!  Then suddenly, somewhere along the way, you find yourself resembling a walking talking brochure […]

With Guests: Nat and Cearagh of Marrow Marketing Sometimes in business and in life, we can find ourselves being innate people pleasers. We proceed by trying not to ruffle any feathers or rock any boats, while playing everything we do super safe, in order to convey our unwavering likability. And while pouring your awesomeness into […]

Host: Whitly Jane When the world listens to women, it listens to white women. For far too long, Black women’s voices have gone unheard, even though they’ve been using their voices loudly for centuries to enact change. Today, more than ever, it is NECESSARY that we create a unifying action to center Black women’s lives, […]

Guest: Mel Norton, Esq. Do you know the most common legal mistake most entrepreneurs make when starting their first business? Well, I didn’t either. And full disclosure, I have needed to reverse engineer some of those early legal oversights and thank goodness they didnt lead to an unfortunate and avoidable situation in my business. I […]

Guest: Kristin Mastoras, Founder of Ms Design Berry Generating oodles of revenue every month is the dream goal for most anyone starting their own e-commerce business. But the sad reality is that so many people starting out, fail to generate enough sales to even stay afloat—in fact, it has been estimated that e-commerce businesses experience […]

Guest: Ingrid Munroe, The NB Box Owner and Founder My friend Ingrid Munroe got her start as an entrepreneur simply by surrounding herself with other creative entrepreneurs, and side hustling like crazy when she wasn’t playing the role of busy mom to her three young children. Fast forward just two years, and now Ingrid is […]

Do you ever get to the end of your workday and think: I have no idea what just happened there. I mean, I worked hard all day but I don’t really have anything to show for it? Do you ever find yourself caught on the hamster wheel of mundane, repetitive tasks that need to get […]

Guest: Hilary Ladd, Decluttering Guru, Podcast Host, Educator If you’re anything like me, you spend too much time stressing over the things you should be doing but never actually do them. It’s easy to get stuck procrastinating when there is just so much on your plate. My guest today is Hilary Ladd. She is a […]

Guest Allison K, Web and Brand Specialist My friend, it is time to stop fearing the googz! Do the words ‘SEO’ and ‘Google Analytics’ intimidate you? Well, I gotchu! Today I’m chatting with Alison Knott, marketer, web developer, and strategist. Alison has years of experience in designing and marketing websites and runs her own consulting […]